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Artist statement and about the artist

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I grew up in Appalachia Tennessee in a family of artists, surrounded by the beauties the Big South Fork National Park had to offer.  I first attended art school and attained a BA at Berea College; I then attained a web development degree at Black Hawk College, before going on to nursing school at Sumner College.

     With my art I wish to send windows into its viewers souls for seeing in new ways, other than through the binoculars they were brought up with, ‘which I might add, are not always the binoculars they should stick with.    

     With art I aim to please.  With it, I aim to show all that it is winnable, whether it is world peace, world patience, or world happiness.  Through creating together, one learns it is patience, humbleness, and a willingness to cooperate, that these other things can become a reality. 

     I believe we all search an escape that will miraculously bring us to our childhood, or our oneness.  To come into our own so to speak, even if only for a little bit, is invaluable.  They say, “We are all lost till we find ourselves”, and this is one of the manners I do that, if but a slice?