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Derse Art Gallery has been producing high quality art online since 2006.  We are located in Fort Collins Colorado.  At Derse Art Gallery we pride ourselves with producing the highest quality prints for the purpose of bringing beauty and joy into people's lives and homes for years to come, at the same time we still carry a number of originals you can ask about.

Joey has been creating paintings since 1994.  He began using acrylics, but later started his formal training in oils at Berea College, in Kentucky, which he graduated from in 2000.  He has since had many art shows in art galleries in Lexington, Cincinnati, Davenport, Rock Island, and Portland, OR.  He focuses his art on detail and color, and enjoys creating from what he finds in nature adding his own sense of detail and expressionism into the impressionistic pieces he creates.  

You can contact us at if you have any questions regarding our artistic creations. 



                 Joey Derse’s Artist Statement


I grew up in Appalachia Tennessee in a family of artists, surrounded by the beauties the Big South Fork National Park had to offer.  I first attended art school and attained a BA at Berea College; I then attained a web development degree at Black Hawk College, before going on to nursing school at Sumner College.

     With my art I wish to send windows into its viewers souls for seeing in new ways, other than through the binoculars they were brought up with, ‘which I might add, are not always the binoculars they should stick with.    

     With art I aim to please.  With it, I aim to show all that it is winnable, whether it is world peace, world patience, or world happiness.  Through creating together, one learns it is patience, humbleness, and a willingness to cooperate, that these other things can become a reality. 

     I believe we all search an escape that will miraculously bring us to our childhood, or our oneness.  To come into our own so to speak, even if only for a little bit, is invaluable.  They say, “We are all lost till we find ourselves”, and this is one of the manners I do that, if but a slice?